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Even in the pasture, no more missed heats or unnoticed signs of illness with the GrazeHero smart collar system. The best solution for farmers who want to increase the milk yield of their cows and reduce costs.



GrazeHero continuously monitors the conditions and health of your cows, regardless of whether they are in the pasture or in the barn. The system allows animals to freely move between different environments.

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Increasing milk production

GrazeHero enables mobile monitoring of cows with devices on the animals and a mobile base station, ensuring continuous access to data about the herd.

Unique mobile base stations

Unique mobile base stations

GrazeHero makes it easy to monitor your cows without the need for stationary base stations or computers on the farm. All components of the system are easily installed directly on the animals.

Want to be a part of the GrazeHero story?

Become a test user!

If you're interested in being among the first users and contributing to the development of the GrazeHero grazing system, which is currently in the testing phase at selected farms, we invite you to contact us. This is a great opportunity to actively participate in the development and optimization of a system that can revolutionize the way you manage your grazing herd.


How does GrazeHero work?

Smart collars are fitted to all the cows in your herd, and their behavior is reported to the mobile base station. The smart collars require no maintenance, as they can operate independently for several years. The mobile station communicates all the states of the cows to the Application via the mobile network. Thus, the system autonomously tracks your herd.

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  • Mobile base stations
    The mobile base station is installed on one or, in the case of herds larger than 50 animals, several cows. It collects data from all the smart collars. The mobile base station requires minimal maintenance, as the battery needs to be charged only once a year.
  • Smart collars
    Smart collars monitor the feeding, walking, and high activity of cows, which is associated with their sexual behavior. The collars have an exceptionally long lifespan without the need for charging or battery replacement for up to 10 years.
  • Cloud system
    All data is collected in our database, and you can monitor your cows from any device (computer, tablet, phone). When a heat or other deviation of a cow is detected, the application automatically informs you via SMS.

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