Healthy and Productive cows with MooHero

The easiest way to keep your cows Healthy and Productive is with MooHero. Our advanced system will provide you with the most important information just in time.

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Watching your animals 24/7

Round-the-clock monitoring of your cows, when you're busy with other tasks. Stay on top of your herd's health and productivity from anywhere.

Heat and health alerts

With MooHero's real-time monitoring, you are alerted to heats as well as indicators of health problems. With healthier cows you can optimize productivity in the long run.

Safe and easy

All your cow monitoring data is safe with us, no worries and no need for additional computers or equipment. The data is accessible from any device at any time. You can allow your vets, and other specialists to access and analyse your data.

Your Data is Your Property

We believe that the data collected by our system should be fully available to you, without any restrictions on its export or usage, and we can help you seamlessly integrate it with your existing farm management software - contact us to learn more.

Healthy and stress-free animals are the key to a good milk yield and successful farming. MooHero has your back.

  • Optimize reproduction

    Our advanced AI-based heat detection algorithms will catch heat and assist you in determining the optimal insemination time, while behavioral history enables the identification of fertility issues.

  • Identify issues early

    With real-time health monitoring, you can identify issues like mastitis and other disease earlier, and treat them before they become more serious.

  • Stay on top of your herd's performance

    You can access your cow monitoring data from anywhere, using any device. Whether you're in the barn, in the field, or on the go, make informed decisions about your farming.

  • Monitor your heard in remote locations

    With our solar panel and mobile network solution, you can monitor your cows even in remote locations where there is no access to electricity or the internet.

  • Collaborate with vets and specialists

    Your vets and other specialists can access your cow monitoring data, allowing them to plan inseminations and help in assuring health and productivity.

  • Boost farm productivity with integration

    With MooHero's commitment to integration, you can maximize your farm's productivity by seamlessly integrating our system with your existing software and tools.

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Milk yield depends on Healthy and stress-free cows

Milk yield depends on Healthy and stress-free cows

Chewing activity is the best indicator of cow's health

Chewing activity is the best indicator of cow's health

Collars and stations

Collars and stations

MooHero monitors the well-being of the cow

MooHero monitors the well-being of the cow

Detect mastitis and other health issues early

Detect mastitis and other health issues early

Beef cattle benefit from MooHero too

Beef cattle benefit from MooHero too

Collaborating with Farmers, Specialists, and Veterinarians

MooHero alerts me to changes in behavior in real-time, faster than I would notice myself. Changes in chewing or rumination are quickly visible. In addition, it also accurately determines heat. It often happens that it detects heat during nighttime. Without MooHero, I would simply overlook it.

Toni Kukenberger
CEO of EkoSirarna
Innovative Farmer of the Year 2016 in Slovenia

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Working on a farm is very dynamic, and therefore, farmers often neglect observing their animals. Missed inseminations and late noticed health problems mean poor productivity and of course, significant economic losses for the farmer. I recommend Moohero to all dairy cow farmers, as I have noticed an improvement in my reproductive results while collaborating with them on farms. We can inseminate more cows earlier and at the appropriate time. At the same time, Moohero alerts us to declines in rumination and feeding, which often helps me take timely action and treat animals.

Aleksandar Plavšić
CEO of Vets4Science d.o.o.

Rumen health and good reproduction are two major keys to cost effective milk production. I can not imagine running profitable dairy operation without knowing cows’ rumination times and use of heat detection collars. MooHero delivers that in one single durable collar.

Tadej Virk

A drop in chewing and rumination notifies me in advance that the cow will get sick before the acute phase occurs. During that time, we are more attentive to the animal, as in many cases, the disease can be mitigated or even prevented with measures. Detecting heats is also of great importance. Just by improving the postpartum break, the investment in the system is quickly recouped.

Frančišek Rotnik
Farmer and owner of Kmetija Rotnik, 90 cows

Meet the team

Team of passionate engineers, designers, and farmers who are dedicated to making farming more efficient and sustainable. We are committed to making a difference in the world of farming.

  • Urban Rotnik

    Born and raised on a farm, Software Engineer

  • Matija Stupar

    Intrigued by the veterinary profession as a kid, Physicist, Data Scientist

  • Janez Turk

    Hardware Engineer, also mechanical engineer

HeroLabs d.o.o.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is MooHero?

      MooHero is a cow monitoring system that helps farmers optimize their dairy farming. Our system consists of a collar that is worn by the cow, and a station that is installed in the barn.

    • How does MooHero work?

      The collar is worn by the cow and monitors its activity and health. The station is installed in the barn and collects collars data. The data is then sent to the cloud, where it is analyzed and presented to the farmer.

    • How does MooHero help farmers?

      MooHero helps farmers optimize their dairy farming by providing them with real-time data about their cows. This data can be used to optimize reproduction, identify issues early, and stay on top of their herd's performance.

    • How much does MooHero cost?

      MooHero is a subscription-based service. The price depends on the number of cows you have, and the number of stations you need. Contact us for more information.

    • How much time does it take to install the MooHero system?

      To install the MooHero system is similar to installing a wireless router, the box needs to be connected to the electricity and antennas should be oriented correctly. Once the base station is mounted, all that is left is to put the collars on your animals.

    • How often do I have to replace the battery in the collars?

      The lifetime of the battery in a collar is designed to last for multiple years, if we notice that a battery is running low on any of your collars, we will send you a replacement collar in time. With MooHero you do not have to worry about the system maintenance.

    • How will I receive notification about the events occurring in my heard?

      MooHero will notify you if an animal is suspected to be in heat or if the animal behaviour deviates enough to indicate a potential health problem. The user can choose the preferred method of notification, SMS or email. Notifications are also visible in our app

    • What is the working range of the system?

      The working range of the system outdoors is minimum 200m. Indoors, each base station is designed to cover most of the stables with 100-200 animal capacity. The range can be easily extended using more than one base station.

    • Do I need internet connection at my location in order to install the system?

      The system can work landline internet trough cable or wi-fi. In the case that landline internet is not available at your location the system can use a mobile network, this solution is very practical but includes additional costs for SIM card subscription.

    • Do I need a computer in my stable to use the system?

      No, the MooHero app can be accessed trough all devices, mobile phones, tablets and computers. There is no need for a local computer at your farm.

    • How do I get started with MooHero?

      Contact us and we will schedule a consultation with you. We will determine how MooHero can help you optimize your dairy farming. Our team of experts is ready to assist you.